So cliche, but here it is.

In no particular order, I am thankful for…

1.  Healthy children.  I may complain when they are sick and I am the only one here to deal with the vomit, diarrhea, runny noses, incessant hacking coughs, and general unhappiness, but all in all, I have healthy children.

2.  A healthy marriage.  How in the world DH puts up with me, I will probably never know.  I only know he does and that he’s one of the few people on his boat that remains faithful and that’s all I ever need to know to keep right on loving him with every beat of my heart.

3.  Supportive family and friends.  I know I did more than my fair share of b*tching this year, and ya’ll never slapped me or started humming the theme to "Jeopardy" or the "Twilight Zone" when I started moaning about whatever was bothering me at the moment.

4.  Karma.  While I may not be happy with the way a lot of things turned out this year, I can at least find peace in the knowledge that what goes around comes around.  No good deed or bad deed goes unnoticed or unpunished and you can dodge the bullet for a while, but one way or another, you always get what you have coming to you.

5.  Good medical care.  After finally getting a clean scan, I have enough energy to thank my doctors for staying on top of things, being willing to re-write and re-submit claims to my insurance company, and for being so flexible about payments.  I am more than thankful for them, I am indebted to them.  After numerous less-than-nice experiences with medical professionals, I have finally found a practice I trust and feel comfortable with, and you don’t find that every day.

6.  Finally, as with every year, I am thankful to be an American citizen.  I have a voice, and one that counts.  I can speak my mind without fear of being "eliminated" by the government or other people.  I can publish my thoughts, for anyone and everyone to see, and not fear persecution.  My children are entitled to an education.  My husband has job security.  I am able to make the choice to continue to stay home with my children.  Every day, we are able to make choices that so many people take for granted – choices that some people would never even dare to dream about.  I am very thankful to be an American!