Today we had a Tastefully Simple Open House at Casa de Mental Mommy.  From there, we journeyed to LRRH’s abode for a naughty party and Desperate Housewives.  *snicker*  I got something for DH.  *snicker*  I think I blushed almost the whole 2 hours of the party.  I’m such a goober.  Anyway, had FABULOUS day, though was a bit disappointed that once again, half the people that said they were planning to come didn’t bother to show up or call.  Did I mention that that is one of my biggest pet peeves?  *sigh*  Anyway, the rest of the time Nae is here is pretty well planned out…

Monday: Outlets for shopping for the girls and the babes; Fishing for the manly-men

Tuesday: Party shopping for Mega’s third birthday; Hang out with LRRH (DRINK!)

Wednesday: DH has doots, possible tour of the boat; Girls have quiet lunch together

Thursday: Historic battle grounds and other such stuff

Friday: Vineyards and wine tasting while boys stay with Mammy.

Saturday: Mega’s third birthday party; Birth Matters screening of The Business of Being Born

Sunday: Chuck E. Cheese or something else rad!

Monday: Nae and super fiancee head home.  Mucho sad about that!

          Devising evil plan to kidnap Nae as we speak…