It’s 7 AM and I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!  No, nothing is wrong.  Skeeter is in our room and he’s thrown off his routine, so we’re all awake!  Yeah!

          It’s okay.  I have to make a cake and bread, and a few other things before today’s party.  After my party, Nae and I are heading to 2 stores to try to find some risque and/or naughty novelties for LRRH’s naughty party this evening.  The naughty party will be, of course, followed by Desperate Housewives.  Good times, good times.

          It’s so nifty, ya’ll.  My best friend lives clear across the country, and in just a few short hours, here she was!  And now, she’s sleeping in the next room!  I am tempted to jump in there, but I know it’s only 4:30 in the morning for her body, so I’ll give her until 5-5:30 her time because I am sweet like that.  Heh…

          So!  Off I go to maketh the beer bread and apple cake, along with the breakfast goodies and cheese balls!