We all would like to think that when our friends come over, they’re coming to see us, not to judge the cleanliness and organization of our home, right?  So how many of us truly freak out and clean like crazy before a friend or family comes to stay for a bit? 

          My best friend and her terrific fiancee will be here this Saturday.  This Saturday.  This Saturday!  I am freaking out!  My house is not a complete disaster right now.  I actually did some serious cleaning before DH got home from his last deployment, and for the most part, we have kept everything up.  However, one area that has never stayed tidy is our bedroom.  It’s just the place in the house where things tend to pile up faster than we can or care to find new homes for those things.  This is where our guests will be staying.  SO!  DH and I will be in a frenzy on Saturday getting it all spic-n-span.  DH and I will be bunking with Skeeter, whose room is bereft of clutter only because the only things in there are his crib and changing table, a small dresser, and the futon.  Somehow, the toys all migrated to Mega’s room…  Wonder how that happened? 

          The rest of the house will just have to do with a general cleaning.  There is only so much I can do with Mega and Skeeter trailing behind me, smudging everything I just wiped, taking out toys I just put away, rumpling blankets I just smoothed, eating at tables I just cleaned, etc.  If I could put the boys in a completely safe, toy-filled bubble for a few hours, believe me, I would.

           Nae, darling Nae, I know you will not judge me, love, on the condition of my home.  But should you feel so inclined to, please…  Go easy.  I promise you delightful company, fattening meals, clean sheets and towels, and a freshly bleached bathroom, at the very least.  🙂