I kept seeing this acronym and I didn’t know what it meant.  Who do we turn to when we do’t understand something?  Dr. Google!  NaBloPoMo means National Blog Posting Month.  Basically, you post a blog every day for a month.  You sign up with these guys and register your blog for a chance to win in random drawings.  I figured it couldn’t hurt since I post every day anyway, right?  Right.  You can even see me on NaBloPoMo here.

          So yeah, this is my post for the 2nd of November.   I will try to find more stimulating topics as the month wears on, but I make no promises!  This is the month my little boy turns 3, that my best friend will be here, and about a gazillion other big-deal type things happen!  If you have any ideas, feel free to submit them!