Rather than take up more room on my already crowded side bars, I created a page with links to all the photo albums I have uploaded.  Each time I create a new album, you will find the link here.

Holidays 2008 – Starting with 12/20/2008 and going through…

Mega’s 4th Birthday – Some pictures from Mega Man’s 4th Birthday Bash!

Fall 2008 – Starting with October 2008…

Memorial Day – Our photo documentation of participation in an Annual Memorial Day Party.

Summer Daze 2008 – I will try to post all Summer pictures here to avoid making a bazillion albums over the Summer BBQ/Party season.  🙂

La Playa – The boys’ first trip to the beach!

Outdoor Fun – The boys enjoying their new sand and water table and the awesome swing set Mammy bought as a housewarming present!

Settling In – Finally unpacked and almost 100% done!

Our Humble Abode – The House We Bought in March 2008!!!

Christmas 2007

Mega’s 3rd Birthday

Happy Halloween!

Mini Vacation

My Mug

Skeeter’s First Birthday