Spent the day shopping and chatting with the Mama Dukes and my aunt.  FABULOUS time.  Bought curtains for the bedroom that even DH lives – he liked them even better when I told him they were $15.00.  Mom paid for lunch and my aunt paid for dinner, so it was the only money I spent.  Mom also got me a coat for winter for Christmas – will post pictures because it is the hotness!  LOVE the coat!  Will rock it like a star this winter, for sure.

          Should have bought the shoes and jeans I picked out.  Will buy shoes tomorrow.  Vans are great, but not so much for walking.  I usually buy men’s shoes for the width (yes, I have Hobbit/Barney Rubble feet and they’re VERY wide for a girl), and Vans are UBER-comfy, just not great for walking or being on your feet for extended periods, as was the case today.  Must remedy that with good, new shoes.  Jeans – should have bought them as I have all of 2 pairs that fit comfortably and that is all I wear in winter.  Bah.  Oh well.

         Traffic getting there and coming home wasn’t terrible (except for one a*shole on the way home), and I made excellent time.  Wish the radio had been working, but DH is slowly but surely working on installing the new system he got for Christmas, so whatever.

          All in all, fabulous day!