Yesterday, I got a pedicure.  It was the first one I have had since before Skeeter was born.  And actually, I think the last one I had was my 21st birthday, so over 2 years ago.  I forgot how nice they were.

          When I become a millionaire, pedicures will be at least a weekly affair.  The same with manicures.  I don’t want acrylics or anything fancy, just nice, pretty hands.  A deep tissue massage once a month, with lighter massages once per week would also be a part of the deal.  Of course, we can’t forget the other members of the house.  The dogs will be groomed once per week, as well.  *snicker*

          What else would I do if I were a multi-millionaire?  I’d take tennis lessons…  Get a pool with a waterfall and a jacuzzi, complete with people to clean them (people to clean them = DH)…  Have a 100+ gallon saltwater aquarium built into a wall between the kitchen and dining room…  Buy a vacation house in Italy…  Buy a great big goofy Bernese Mountain Dog, a teeny tiny pomeranian, a German Shepherd, and a black lab just for kicks…  Create a wireless network in my house that is actually wireless and utilizes more than one computer…  Have projection screen for X-Box Live and movies…  Buy personal jet for quick get-togethers Nae and other long-distance friends…  The boys could pretty much do whatever they want – dance, water polo, horseback riding, soccer camps, football trainers, personal trainers, any college they could get accepted to, but!  NO CARS.  They could get jobs.  Whatever they were willing to spend, I will match and they will earn their cars and the right to drive them.  Why?  Because I am evil, that’s why.  Bwa ha ha ha… 

          Oh yeah, DH would probably buy a boat and his own fishing lake/pond on our property – fully stocked, of course.  He’d probably also want a log cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere without electricity or indoor plumbing because he’s a glutton for punishment.  And I know he would buy a big truck…  He’d ditch the car the first chance he got, I have no doubt.  I am pretty sure he would also complete his pilot’s license so that he could fly our personal jet.  How rad would that be?  I might even fly with him…  You never can tell about these things… 

          Basically, I’d keep it real.  *chortle* 

         Actually, the only things I would probably do are get the pool, take tennis lessons, and get manicures, pedicures, and massages more frequently.  More than likely, I would spend the money to establish a midwifery center or an orphanage.  I would establish college funds for the boys, and I meant what I said about their cars.  I’d buy a house, but something functional, not wasteful.  I am sure DH would buy his boat and the big truck to pull it.  He would probably also get his pilot’s license, but the private jet is probably out.  The log cabin is probably a go, but not the vacation house in Italy.  Our house would have land, so maybe I’d get a horse, and another to keep it company – I’ve always wanted to be able to ride whenever I felt like it.  We might have a few dogs – at least two because DH and I like different breeds.  The boys will probably want one for themselves, so why not?  The more, the merrier and all.  After paying off all our debt (though there isn’t as much as there was a year ago), the rest would be put back into the midwifery center, providing birthing women with the option to deliver with the help of a midwife, even if their insurance didn’t cover it, etc.  I would also hire doulas in the center and outside the center to help mothers in hospitals and other birthing centers. as requested by mothers.  The orphanage would be staffed by a very consistent team so the children would feel well cared for, secure, and their attachments would be healthy, rather than sketchy.  Adoption costs would be only to cover the actual costs of running the center – paying employees, food and clothing, and the legal fees.  While the midwifery center may make a small profit, the orphanage would be a solely non-profit outfit. 

         DH might establish an animal shelter.  He’s sweet like that.  I got me a good one.  *smile*

          Wouldn’t it be nice? 

          If you were a multi-millionaire, how would you spend your money?