Mother of the year.  Right here.

          After dinner, we went out to browse the Columbus Day sales.  Since we’ll be exchanging gifts the day after Thanksgiving, I want to knock out my shopping as soon as possible.  In case you’ve forgotten, I am quite grinchy and if I can avoid going out once the Christmas decor begins adorning every retail nook and cranny, I will. 

          Toys’R’Us was easy.  I even got a gift there from DH.  I promised to wait until our Christmas to enjoy it, though, so it will remain in the box.  In keeping with the, "I don’t know what it is…  *wink, wink*" spirit, I won’t even tell you what it is until I open it.  Ha!

          We journeyed across the street to Macy’s and do you know what assaulted my eyes?  Christmas trees.  And decorations.  Lights.  Ornaments.  I thought I was going to vomit.  Anyway, we didn’t get any thing at Macy’s and that made me sad, but whatever.

          We finally made it to a few other stores and I decided we needed ice cream.  Yes, an hour before my kids were due in bed, I let them share a small M&M blizzard.  Within a few minutes, they were both jabbering like monkeys in trees…  All the way out the mall, they were making silly noises and faces, with their little volumes increasing with each utterance.

         On the ride home, the boys were making every sound known to man, and with little to no regard for the fact that 1.) Mommy doesn’t like repetition, and 2.) We’re all in this enclosed space together. 

          It is now 5 minutes after 9 and the boys are playing rather rambunctiously in Skeeter’s room with DH.  *sigh*  Noted in the captain’s log: Ice cream before bed is a no-no for a reason!