From time to time, we have all blown things out of proportion. Maybe you were already having a bad day, and your best friend backed into your car so you not only made them pay for it, but made it well known that they did it on purpose! Maybe you were already running late and because you got a flat, you missed your daughter’s recital and she vowed to hate you forever and ever amen. Whatever. Sometimes, though, I do it for other reasons.

         I am not too proud of myself, but sometimes I make villains out of people who just made bad judgement calls, or not-so-educated decisions that resulted in some hurt on my part. It’s easier to sever ties when I think you’re evil. I might keep second-guessing myself if I just think you had a moment of weakness or just plain out dumb-assedness. It’s so much easier if I can think that you’re just completely evil… or you know, pretty damn close. If I think that maybe I am being too hard on you, or even just being too critical of the situation, it makes me feel like I have to give you another chance… which is typically my down fall. You know the phrase, "If it happens once, shame on you. If it happens twice, shame on me"? I am the, "It happens about ten times, so you’re just asking for it," one. So perhaps my villefaction is warranted, but in some cases, I think I jump the gun.

And no, this post was not as eloquent or, “Oh my God, I totally get what she’s saying!” as I wanted it to be, but whatever.

Do you make people worse in your head than they really are?