I have received several E-mail inquires as to what my headline means.  In the even that I change it, it currently reads, "Tout s’en va, toute passe, l’eau coule, et la coeur oublie."  It is in French and it comes from Flaubert.  I found it at the beginning of the first story found in Different Seasons by Stephen King.  It means "All leaves, all pass, the water flows, and the heart forgets."  I thought it went nicely with my "Heart of the Matter," issue because, for me, it is the next step – forgiveness.

Taking it one step further…  I don’t know that I am as forgiving as I thought.  Forgiving means you have to move on as if the event in question never occurred, right?  I think when people hurt me, I can move forward, but I am more guarded.  Does that mean I forgave them, or not?

"These times are so uncertain.  There’s a yearning undefined and people filled rage.  We all need a little tenderness.  How can love survive in such a graceless age?"