Poor Skeeter.   He was up most the night.  When he went to bed, he had a mild fever.  We’re talking 100.1, so I gave him some Motrin and thought it was that "teething fever" that half the mothers I know swear babies get when a tooth is about to break, and that the other half swear is a myth.  I’ll tell you, I am a  believer – Mega got a low fever with almost every tooth.  But I digress.

          By 1 this morning, he had already been up twice.  He was just fussy, which is sooo not like my Skeeter Bear.  He LOVES to sleep.  He gets that from me, which is yet another reason he and I get along so very, very well.

          Around 3 we had our first round of vomit.  Fresh waterproof mattress pad, flat sheet, and clean jammies later, we had some slow rocking and went back to bed.  His fever was no higher, and I didn’t want to put anything else in his tummy until I knew it wouldn’t make him sick again, so I skipped the Tylenol or Motrin.

          An hour later, round 2 with the vomit.  Second verse, same as the first.  This time, his temperature was completely normal, so I figured it had to be something he ate that just didn’t agree with his tiny tummy.  I have no clue what that something could be since Mega and I have eaten all the same things and we’re not upchucking.  I have a pretty sensitive stomach and I feel just peachy…  Well, except for the whole no sleep thing.  So anyway, we freshened up, snuggled a bit, and went back to our respective beds.  This time, I made sure his monitor was plugged in and turned on in my room, too. 

          Just after quarter to 7, round 3.  I heard him coughing on the monitor and got there just in time for the action.  More sheets.  More jammies.  No fever.  This time, he didn’t really care to snuggle, he just wanted to be cleaned up and get back to his bed, which I can’t blame him for.  He must be wiped out, the poor little dude.  I know I sure am. 

          I checked on Mega twice, and he appears to have slept through it all, but was beginning to stir a bit earlier than usual.  All of that means he’ll be ready and rarin’ to go today while Skeeter and I are draggin’ our tails behind us.  It’s a good thing we just went to the library – perhaps I can keep Mega subdued with the new books and maybe even a Disney movie or two.  If ya’ll don’t know, my kids don’t watch television, so Mega’s movie experience is very limited.  We’re talking 20 minute DVD’s like Where the Wild Things Are, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and maybe 2-3 more that he will actually watch and enjoy.  I can only hope that he’s not sick, but not as bouncy and…  lively as normal today because I tell you, he just might do Skeeter and me in. 

          At some point today, I have to wash all those sheets.  I just got all the laundry done, but between the changes of pajamas, including one time around for myself, and the waterproof mattress pads, and sheets, there’s about a load and a half already.  They’re sitting in my kitchen, stinking it up…  Yuck…

          Before I go meet with my client today, I will be attaining a day’s supply of Pedialyte and oatmeal.  Nothing else for the Skeet until that tummy settles down.  The good thing is that he likes oatmeal.  Not so much with the Pedialyte, but I’m not too worried about dehydration.  If he keeps vomiting today, we’ll take him to see the good doc (seriously, I love the boys’ pediatrician!) and see what she’s got to say and suggest.  For now, I really think he just had an upset stomach and it’s about run its course.  And that’s about par for my course this week.  *sigh*