I have been in a vacuuming frenzy lately.  I vacuum at least twice per day.  The day before yesterday, I thought something *thunked* into the vacuum, but I was pretty thorough about picking up toys, and there aren’t many small ones because of Skeeter, so I wasn’t worried when nothing stopped turning, humming, or smelled like it was burning.

       Well yesterday, I powered the carpet down with Borax to deodorize the carpet, like I typically do once every other week or so.  It seemed like it took forever to get the powder out of the carpet!  I felt like I was having to do each "stripe" 3-4 times! 

          Today there were fruity Cheerio’s all over the living room.  Rather than spend 10-15 minutes on hands and knees pointing out each wayward Cheerio to Mega so he could pick them up, I decided to turn to my dear friend Bissell again.  The Cheerios were being picked up and things seemed to have improved from the exercise in redundancy we had experienced the day before.  As usual, when I was done, I went to empty the cylinder. 

          There was nothing in there.    

          Not one brightly colored Cheerio. 


          I took the bottom off.  No obvious obstruction there, and still no Cheerios.

          I took the hose connections off.  Again, zilch.

          I moved up the line to the point where the hose attaches to the machine and feeds the material into the waste cylinder.

          There, I found a small object that was defying mounting pressure, holding back oodles of green, purple, yellow, and red Cheerios, firmly standing its ground, blocking all access to the cylindrical waste receptacle in my Bissell bag-less vacuum.

         Bissell, you have astounded me.  I am so happy I bought this vacuum and you have yourself a life-long customer.  Not one component in my vacuum was damaged and as soon as I pulled out the offending object, all was right with the world again.  Truly, a fabulous machine.

          Here is a mug shot of the offender, for the curious.


**If you can’t tell quite what that is, it is a 2" tall pink plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex.  *snicker*