• Martin Luther King is one of the greatest men that has ever lived.  Period.
  • Decades passed before any men were convicted for this crime.  Sickening.  The fact that one is dead and 2 are serving life sentences is a small consolation, especially 10+ and 30+ years after the fact.
  • Bombing a church, a sanctuary, a place of faith, a place where anyone and everyone should be safe, a house of G-d, is about the most cowardly thing I think anyone could ever do. 
  • No matter how much you hate someone or something, especially when that hatred is based on something that person cannot control, like the color of their skin, a life is a life.  You have no right to take that life.  A superiority complex on your part still does not give you the right to take a life.
  • People who protect people who commit such heinous acts are no better than those who actually carried them out.
  • Hatred is the most evil emotion, and as strong as it can be, love is still, and always will be stronger.

           How heartbreaking…