I finished Beaches this evening.  For me, the last 20-30 pages really made the book.  It was a bit different from the movie, but both were entertaining and at times, tear jerking.  If you’ve not read the book or seen the movie, stop reading because I may give away some things.


          Cee Cee’s character was a bit more crass in the book.  She swore more and seemed, in both appearance and personality, to be more over-the-top flamboyant.  She went through more men and even had a run-in with Bertie’s husband that was not a part of the movie.

          Bertie’s character was much more sad.  It’s sad enough that she’s the one to die, but her devotion to a man that feels nothing for her or their child, her deathbed exclamation that she has never known passionate, real love, and that she finally got the child she longed for only to die before seeing that child grow up was heartbreaking.  My eyes welled up the last 2-3 pages and it was just about all I could do to keep from crying right there on my couch in front of my neighbors and children. 

          As with most books/movies, the book was more detailed over all.  I have never actually finished a book that was written solely in the form of letters (back and forth from one person to another), but the breaks in this book where Bertie and Cee Cee’s letters were continuing the story line, it wasn’t too bad.  There were a few times I hated Cee Cee’s character because she could be such a shmuck, but then you couldn’t help but love her.  There were a few times where I wanted to smack Bertie and tell her to stop being such a wuss, but again, you can’t help but love you and want to comfort her.  Leona, Cee Cee’s mother was a bit meaner in the movie than in the book, too.  In the movie, she says something to Cee Cee to the effect of, "You’re always wearing everyone out.  That’s why your father left.  You wore him out always wanting his attention all the time."  Nothing like that was said in the book, and Cee Cee’s father is actual a cameo in the book. 

          I’m a little sad that’s all done, but am very ready to start something different.  It’s hard for me to read books when I have seen the movie because I look for all the things I know happen in the movie (like that line from Leona).  It’s even harder when I know it’s a sad ending.  Who wants to rush to that?

          My next book is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.  This might take me a while, as the writing is a bit tedious and this is probably the third or fourth time I have attempted to read it.  I’ve never gotten further than 10-20 pages.  *sigh*  Following Lolita will be Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible.  And no, I have not read the Spark Notes stuff on it, but I thought I’d give you some reference points.