Love Language Quiz

          I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the various ways to love someone.  I talked before about being differently loved, but I hadn’t yet heard about the whole "love languages" thing.  Now that I have, I’m taking the quiz for myself and passing it on to a few friends.  I don’t particularly like the way some of the questions are posed, but I did my best to answer and was a bit shocked by the results.  I know DH and I have different love languages – it’s obvious.  However, I don’t think either of us has ever felt unloved by the other. 

          It’s funny how crazy a relationship can get even when two people are crazy about each other.  When one person thinks they are doing every thing imaginable to show their love, the other is oblivious to their gestures, or takes them the wrong way.  "I love you," might be great for some couples, but someone else may need to hear things like, "I am butt-crazy, head-over-heels, in love with you!" all the time to feel comfortable.  Other people may never need to hear it all, and are just as content with the actions of their partner.  It’s all about how you express love, and how you receive love.  Sometimes it’s not about having enough love, but being able to receive it the way your partner gives it, and vice versa.

          How do you love? 

  My Love Language:
Score Love Language
   6 Words of Affirmation
  9 Quality Time
   4 Receiving of Gifts
   8 Acts of Service
   3 Physical Touch