DH and I have been talking a lot lately about having another baby.  Should we pursue adoption?  How about foster care in the hopes of adopting that way?  Or just foster care?  Maybe, maybe we should consider another baby of our own…  When I asked DH how many kids he would have if pregnancy wasn’t an issue, he said 5.  I said 4.  Clearly, 2 isn’t 4 or 5.

          But do we really want that?  Do we really want to start again with another baby?  It’s that much more time before I can go to school.  It’s that much more time we have to spend buying and changing diapers, dealing with cribs, potty training, teething, sleepless nights, and other fun stuff that comes with a new baby. 

          My question is simple: How do you know if you really want another baby, or you’re just lamenting that your youngest is quickly leaving baby days behind?  While it’s true that we’ve wanted more than 2 children from the jump, we also now know how much they cost.  We know how much they cost financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

          I could deal with waiting 2-3 years longer to start college.  I had planned to take on-line courses when Mega was in kindergarten and Skeeter was in Pre-K.  I can still do that with one baby at home.  So honestly, it might not put me off track at all.

          Financially, we’ve become incredibly adept at making things stretch, so while I know it would be difficult, I also think it’s very do-able.  We can provide very well for our children as it stands, and DH and I are the type of people that will make sure it stays that way, regardless of what we have to do or not do. 

          Mentally and emotionally, it would be a completely different ball game.  DH will have shore duty.  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. 


          If a baby were dropped on my doorstep today, complete with legally binding parental rights for DH and myself, there would be no doubt that we would love, nurture, accept, and raise that child.  So maybe I answered my own question.  We really do want another baby, and it seems "urgent" only because Skeeter is leaving his baby days behind. 

          How many children did your parents PLAN to have?  How many did they actually have?