So we all know what military pay looks like.  Not much, to be sure.  So you would think that when we are entitled to things like reimbursement for uniforms, family separation pay, etc., they could at least give it to us when they say they will.

          Now I know the government moves slowly, especially when giving money to the people, rather than when they are taking it.  How would I solve that problem?  Don’t tell me that almost $400.00 will be here when it won’t.  Period.

          A $200.00 allowance for a new uniform coat.  A $250.00 payment for family separation.  Both were promised in this check, and neither were received.  I don’t count on FSA (family separation allowance) because I know better.  However, it would have been nice, particularly at this moment to cover the car taxes and a few other miscellaneous expenses that can not be put off.  Instead, the money was taken from savings, and when we finally get FSA and the allowance for the new uniform gear, it will be put back into savings.  *sigh*

          I hate having to move money around just to make things even out, you know?  Dammit all…