I think I must be getting sick.  I got an E-mail from Bath and Body Works and I didn’t even click the links for the SALE! 50% OFF!

          Typically, I love B&BW.  LOVE them.  Would bathe 3 to 4 times per day just to continue to wash with the gel, lotion myself up, and then mist with the same fragrance.  Except, you know, I have the babes and I don’t want to pay a $300.00 water bill.  But, just like that, I walked away…  Something must be wrong with me.

          At some point over the next few weeks, I have to buy some winter clothes.  After that manic cleaning phase in which I got rid of every piece of infant clothing smaller than 12 months, and every piece of clothing I owned smaller than a size none-of-your-damn-business, I have very little left.  My closet looks very…  sparse?  I have 3 pairs of jeans, but no sweaters and only a handful of long-sleeved shirts.  I have a couple of sweatshirts, and maybe a single fleece pull-over.  Blah.  I don’t even like clothes shopping – not even when I am manic.  I start out thinking I do, but as soon as I actually start trying things on, I just want to run screaming in the direction furthest away from any and all mirrors.  I hate shopping on-line because I am so oddly proportioned (apparently) and I never know how clothes will sit on me.  While I have a pretty good idea how things from New York and Company fit, even that’s not a guarantee.  *sigh*

          I suppose I could stay in the house all winter?