I found out about Bethany Christian Adoption Services through a fellow members of the MOMS Club.  I called them this morning to get some more infomation, and plan to attend an informational meeting on September 13th.  So far, we’ve not been told that having children of our own will disqualify us from adopting with them.  We’ve also been told they help with a lot of the expenses, which is a huge relief.  I am very excited about this new possibility and hope that something good comes of it, but am afraid to get my hopes up.

          The home study is $350.00 which is a lot less than any other place I looked in to, and we would probably start that in October as long as nothing has ruled us out.  I am so scared something will kick us out…  Most of the time, when they see that we have 2 biological children, that does the trick.  When I spoke to the lady today, she didn’t say anything when I told her we had two children, so I am hoping that is a good sign.

          *sigh*  I knew adoption was hard, but I didn’t know it was so emotionall charged.  I also looked through their site for volunteer opportunities.  With the boys and DH’s schedule, it would be tough to commit to a "schedule" to work and be dependable.  I E-mailed them and asked if they could use doula services for their birth mothers.  I got a pretty fast reply wanting to know more about the area I could work in, what services are included, etc.  I am vey excited about that.  I know it would be working for free, but it’s good experience, and very rewarding to know I am helping a birth mom find peace with her birth and her decision to place her baby in someone else’s arms.

          Send some good thoughts, if you’re the type.  Can’t hurt!