I prayed.

          It’s true.  At the end of all things I could think to do, it was the one thing that hadn’t bee done, and I prayed.  I was honest.  I just… opened up and let it out.  Maybe that was wrong.  Maybe that makes it the worst kind of prayer, or the worst time to pray, but it was all I had left.  So wrong or not, I did it.  I opened up my heart, I reached out, and I emptied myself.

          It felt better.

          Even I know prayers aren’t always answered the way we want them to to be, and I didn’t even "ask" for the end I hope for.  I asked for clarity.  I asked that whatever happens, I have peace.  I asked that my heart be known, that the light and love my family has to offer be known, too.  I asked for even more love in place of my anger.

          I asked for peace.