Before 7 this morning, the bed was already soaking wet.  If you know my children, you know they are sleep-aholics and typically sleep from about 9 PM to at LEAST 8 AM…  They usually take a 2 hour nap, too.  I set the alarm for 7:30 this morning to try to beat Mega to the punch and get him to the toilet.  Apparently, I was too late.  So, it’s now 8:30, and we’re already down a set of bed sheets and a pillow (how the hell did the kid PEE on his PILLOW?!), and 2 pairs of underwear.  A neighbor went out last night and bought 2 more packages for me since 20 pairs are apparently not enough – Mega went to sleep in the last clean pair, and the others were laundered over night, but I didn’t want to push my luck, though what luck I am having I am not sure…

         So, I have decided that if I don’t see some definite progress by mid-day, we’re going to abandon ship and go for the "lazy" Pull-Ups method.  Apparently I am just not patient or disciplined enough to make this work for us.  After cleaning the carpet about a dozen times yesterday, and steam-cleaning the whole downstairs after the boys went to bed, I can certainly say that this was far more effort than I initially imagined.  I drained and refilled the steam cleaner so I could just do patches today without having to get every thing filled and ready again, but still…  Steam-cleaning with a 3 and 1 year old isn’t a walk in the park, even if it is patches.  Besides, then I’ll be questioning – is that a fresh pee spot, or where I cleaned 10 minutes ago?

          Has anyone else tried this method?  Any pointers?  Is there something I am missing here?  All the testimonials and stuff said that their kids started to get it by the end of the first day…  I really just can’t keep up with 20+ diapers per day any more!  It’s lunacy!  AND…  Just too damn expensive at this point!