I think it clicked today.  Mega went to the bathroom even when we were at a neighbor’s house.  He did sprinkle a bit before we got to the toilet, but I think that was because his underwear got hung up – my fault, not his.  Either way, he stopped the flow rather than continuing to pee down his legs, so I am happy! 

          The pooping still worries me, but I guess we have to take baby steps, right? 

          Tomorrow we’re going to be brave and go out with our play group.  I wasn’t going to go, but I think it does Mega a lot of good to be around other children and while I fear he may get ‘too busy’ to pee, I know other children will be going, so that may encourage him to take a time out to drain the lizard.  I can dream, can’t I?

          Today we only went through about 8 pairs of underwear, and not so much because he soaked them, but because he had sprinkled in the front and that seems like it would be uncomfortable, so I gave him new drawers.  Still, a vast improvement from the millions of miniature undies floating through my dryer yesterday.

          I just hope it keeps getting better and easier!