We’re doing the crash course in potty training and I don’t know if it’s starting to sink in or not.  Mega tells me he has to go potty as he is peeing in his pants.  I have been peed on about 3 times today, and only once did he actually make it to the toilet before he started to go.  We’re on our 7th pair of underwear, and yes, it is only 3 in the afternoon.  I think the worst part is that the nap…  It must be forsaken.  My world…  It trembles.  He is already grumpy, so this is just FABULOUS, let me tell you.

          As we speak, he is sitting next to me eating a sandwich so that, should he start to pee, I can fly him to the toilet.  Who knew potty training could be such a great work-out? 

          Send thoughs of sanity my way, wouldya’?  I am nor sure I can handle two more days of this!