Before we go any further in our journey together, I feel like I should lay some ground rules and explain how things will work. 

1.  I will not use anyone’s name.  When you comment, please obey the same rule or your comment will not be posted.  I may use the same pseudonym for the same person from post to post.  If you figure out who it is, I’m not going to change the pseudonym unless the person it names asks me to do so.  If you want to be excluded from all posts that may involve you, TELL ME NOW. 

2.  If I post a picture with you in it, I will ask first. 

3.  When I started this, I censored myself.  That stops here.  I can’t write if I am constantly going back over my posts to make sure I won’t offend anyone.  Remember that this is my site, and therefore, the content is my opinion.  If you don’t like what I have to say, comment and post your own view…  Or go elsewhere.

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4.  Don’t comment about my grammar, punctuation, or other such silly things.  I have spell check.  I did very well in English.  I use made-up words all the time.  Get over it.  Most of my posts are random, and crammed in the few minutes when my children are perfectly occupied and safe doing other things.  If I really cared, I would take care of it myself.  Who cares if I used a semicolon where a comma should be?  Bite me.

5.  If you see something you would like changed, comment, but don’t expect a miracle.  This isn’t Burger King, so you don’t get it your way.  Besides, I can only please one person per day, and that’s usually one of my sons.  Every now and then, it’s DH’s turn.

6.  Don’t take every post literally.  Remember the BMGM thing and put things into perspective.  The post probably doesn’t accurately reflect the entire situation in question, so keep your freak-out sessions to a minimum or ask me before you really freak out.  Hell, I may even make sh*t up from time to time just so you have something interesting to read.

7.  I love my children.  Yes, they drive me nuts, but that’s their job.  Never doubt that, no matter what insane madness I post about them.

8.  At a later date, I may include a glossary of my favorite abbreviations.  Right now, they are explained as they are posted unless they are explained in a previous post.

9.  These rules may be folded, spindled, or mutilated at my every whim.  I am, after all, completely insane and prone to many, many mood changes.  If you are ever unsure if something is against the rules, check this page again. 

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One more thing…  For those of you who don’t know me in person, I’ll explain the blog title.  Between 3 boys is very simple.  I married one, and we have 2 boys together.  Pretty boring, I know, but no one told me the title would be pretty much permanent once I attached blogs to it.  Bah.  It’s not too bad, really.  Now that we’re expecting our third, who knows what I may re-name the blog?  Hell, let’s be honest.  I’m lazy, so the blog will probably continue on under it’s name no matter what this baby’s gender.