Saturday we went out to Casa de Mamie and Pappy.  It was great, but starting the trip with a 4-hour-drive-that-should-have-been-2-hours totally sucked.  It sort of put me in a bad mood, but I tried not to let it ruin my whole day.

          Mega and DH spent most of the day playing in the river.  DH told me all about what a good time Mega had.  This kid screams bloody murder when you try to wash his hair, yet he wouldn’t let DH hold on to him while walking in the river, and consequently, ended up over his head not once, but twice.  Because DH isn’t the type to let his toddler run the show, he was right next to Mega despite his refusal to accept his dad’s hand.  As soon as he went under, DH pulled him right back up.  The little nugget didn’t even cry, but you can bet when we wash his hair tonight, he’ll scream like we’re pulling out leg hairs one by one.  It was also interesting that he, apparently, is very much like me when it comes to textures.  When he first started to wade in, the murky, foot-cuking mud grossed him out.  After he got used to it, and DH convinced him to wade out a bit further where the river bed was more solid, he was fine.  Hee hee.  I try not to be squeamish, especially in front of the boys, but the mud thing was funny.  He doesn’t like squishy stuff and he doesn’t like to be dirty, but he’ll be covered in soap from bubbles and play in a sand box all day long.  *shrug*

          Skeeter stayed with me and played with his cousin.  Rather, he dodged his cousin.  His cousin is a month and a half younger, but likes to pull hair, so Skeeter learned to keep his distance rather quickly.  It’s not that the other baby is mean – it’s just that he’s a baby!  At any rate, it is always nice when there is more than one baby around, and in another year or so, assuming we’re still here, of course, I am sure they will be causing mischief together that we can’t even imagine.

          There was, as is the custom at our family gatherings, many rounds of karaoke, and lots of video taping.  My Aunt performed her show-stopper, and it was as entertaining as always.  If she lets me, I’ll post a link to the video on here…  Also heard some from another aunt aunt that doesn’t live in the neighborhood, which is always nice.  My cousin and I didn’t drink enough to sing ourselves, but maybe next time.  😉

          I got to see my newest cousin, and another soon-to-be aunt who is preggers.  You know me and the preggos – it’s still fascinating.  She’s so tiny, too!  Anyway, it was a good time.  There was no traffic coming home, and I was thankful for that…  Whew!

          Just as a parting thought, this is what was going through my head while we averaged 30 miles an hour on the highway…