Tonight I am going out with some friends for some much needed um…  Recreation?  HA!  We’ve not been out dancing for MONTHS and it’s something we all agree is very therapuetic.  My girls who aren’t married don’t go to meet guys or get numbers; we all just go to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company while dancing like crazy!  I am sooo looking forward to tonight because I also know the crew I’m rollin’ with is drama free!  Yippee!!!  Not to mention the place we’re going recently converted to a completely smoke-free bar/club, so I won’t die from my smoke allergy!  WOO-HOO!!! 

          Tomorrow, I promise to post about something serious and meaningful, but for now, I am trying not to think about all that because I really want to enjoy myself tonight.  So take that, Evil Topic of Tomorrow!!!