Today’s post with comments

          You can’t expect people to want legally sanctioned monitoring for people known to have terrorist affiliations, or people that have made threats to other people, and not have the same thing for people broadcasting that they are pedophiles.  Terrorism is illegal and so is pedophilia.  I am not saying that "evil" should be spray painted on his sidewalk, or that he should be banned from grocery stores.  However, knowledge about such a person living amongst your children is smart, and safe.  If you were a wild rat, wouldn’t you know where the nearest owl slept?  Certainly.  It is a matter of protecting children from predatory adults.  While there are pedophiles who do no more than look, most are not the "watching only" type.  Any time you act upon a child or ask the child to perform an act on you that makes them feel ashamed or degraded, or even uncomfortable, you have done something wrong – you have done something harmful.  The pedophiles who say, "I never hurt a child," are usually liars.  While they may feel that having a young girl sit in their lap while they masturbate is not harmful to the child, I can tell you that sooner or later, she catches on.  She feels dirty, ashamed, and like she did something to deserve it, and often seeks relationships and sexual attention that is inappropriate because of those "harmless actions."

          If there are other comments, I have no problem posting them.  Though your views are obviously very different from mine, I will censor your responses only if they have information that further promotes pedophilia.  I do not advocate vigilante activity, especially against a "potential" criminal.  You are innocent until proven guilty, after all.  However, you can only expect so much slack when you are posting your thoughts and wishes to engage in illegal activites on a public forum.  If I were to post a blog expressing great detail about a bank I had cased and was thinking about robbing, don’t you think I would get some legal attention?  It works the same way.  Breaking the law is breaking the law.

          In most cases, I believe pedophilia is a mental illness.  It is not a sexual orientation.  There have been cases in nature where animals have sought same-sex partners or refused to mate.  Show me a case that occurred in a natural setting where a sexually mature adult engaged in sexual activites with an immature member of the same species.  When that happens on more than a .00001% basis, I may change my thinking.  Until then, pedophilia is wrong and it is devastating to the child.