I know what you’re thinking.  I didn’t forget.  I just can’t bring myself to remember yet.

          I think of all the photos I have and even though there are boxes overflowing and albums bursting, it’s not enough.

          The last picture I have of you was taken 7 months before…  Well, just before.  7 months.  How much more could I have done in 7 months?  How many hurts could I have fixed in 7 months?  How much more time could I spent?  How many more memories created?

          I haven’t forgotten.  And Mega and Skeeter will know…  Mega found the lamb you gave him when we were out there visiting that Summer…  Do you know that that precious little boy is sleeping with it on his pillow?  He knows.  And I won’t let him forget.  And somehow, Skeeter will know.

            I won’t forget.  But I can’t remember…  not yet.