I’ll try to stay consistent!  If you see something you don’t get, let me know and I will add it to the list!  I will try to update this as I come up with new lingo.  🙂

BabySan, Bear, T-Rex, or Skeeter – Our second child, also a son.

BMGM – Bad Mommy, Good Mommy (The Bad Mommy throws her child out the window.  The Good Mommy only thinks about it for a split second before regaining her composure, etc.)

BFGF – Bad Father, Good Father.  See above.

DH – Dear Husband, Damn Husband, whatever suits the moment.

Kili or Ybab – Our third born, and only girl.  Due to arrive somewhere around May 1, 2009.

Little Red Riding Hood, or LRRH – My bestest buddy who does live in the same state.

Mega Man, Mega Dukes, etc. – Our first child, a son.

Nae – My bestest buddy who does not live in the same state.

Shart – When you fart and poop (sh*t) simultaneously.  Thus, the shart.

The Dreaded Doots – Duty.  When DH has to stay on the boat, on base, etc. for at least 24 hours.  This usually means he leaves for work Monday morning at 5:15 AM and we don’t see him until 6 PM Tuesday evening.

The Force – My way of referring to G-d, Nature, Karma, and pretty much anything to do with spirituality and the beliefs it entails. 

THOTM – The Heart of the Matter