If I can take the time to think about it and type it, you can take the time to read it.  I saw it on MySpace, and yes, I have a MySpace page because I am lame like that.  This is 100 things about me.  Okay, well maybe not about me, but that have to do with me.  I warn you now, they are completely random.  Enjoy.

1.  Blue is my favorite color.

2.  I like blue because it’s so versatile – from chipper Spring sky at 6 AM to deepest sorrow midnightinthecountry sky.

3.  I went to college for one semester.

4.  My favorite college course was actually algebra because I understood it for the first time ever.

5.  I get hooked on games and DVD’s easily.

6.  I have Celiac Disease, which means my body has an auto-immune response to the presence of gluten, the primary protein chain in wheat and many other grains.

7.  I believe in aliens.

8.  I think I have a probe or some other object that doesn’t belong in my head.

9.  I am slacker about reading bedtime stories now that DH is home.  I think the boys like reading with him better, anyway.

10.  I am over-emotional when it comes to people around me.

11.  I am oddly detached when it comes to things that happen around me.  For instance, September 11th made me sad, but I didn’t react like most people did.

12.  I think we’re going to kill ourselves.  It will either be war, famine caused by chemical warfare killing off food supplies, or just that the Earth will finally give up on us after all the pollutants and toxins we have been dumping and pumping.  And I don’t think Mars is going to be a suitable substitute.  Call me a hippie, but I think we need to get our asses straight!

13.  I’ve never had more than $10,000.00 in my checking account.

14.  I’ve never had more than $10,000.00 in credit card debt.

15.  The most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought were $50.00.  And yes, they were worth it!

16.  I didn’t want to name my sons after anyone. 

17.  My middle name is Gram’s middle name, and will soon be one of our daughter’s middle names.

18.  I have cow-licks in my hair.  That’s one reason I keep it long.

19.  I am allergic to rockfish.  I know because I reacted to it on a “date” in high school.

20.  I blush all the time.  Like right now.

21.  I love karaoke.

22.  DH got me a karaoke system for my birthday and now I sing.  All.  The.  Time.  

23.  Mega and T-Rex love when Mommy sings karaoke and quite frequently the boys jump in.  Their favorite is “Don’t You Want Me.”  Yes…  the 80’s song.

24.  I like to shop…  And not only when I have money.

25.  I hate the word “nigger.”  I don’t think it should be used even “affectionately” among friends.  It took me a few years to see that.

26.  I also hate most words associated with racism.  I don’t like words such as chink, spic, wet-back, jew, heeb, honkey, and cracker.  I just don’t see the need for them. 

27.  I like meatloaf.  Only when I cook it.

28.  I don’t like jazz.  It makes me feel discombobulated.

29.  I like to canoe.  It scares me because I have a fear of drowning even though I can swim, but I like going anyway.

30.  My fear of drowning is overwhelming at times.  It makes me think I have drowned in a previous life.

31.  I have trouble with my faith, or the lack thereof.

32.  I have not been on speaking terms with G-d for a little over three years now…  Or oddly enough, since about the time Gram didn’t see any positive results from her clinical trials…  But I am trying to be still and quiet and have seen/heard some things that make me think the majority is right: I may have given up on G-d, but She hasn’t given up on me.

33.  I tend to think G-d is a mean kid with a magnifying glass and I’m the only ant on my anthill.

34.  I love caller ID.

35.  I hate telemarketers so much, I pay for an unlisted number.

36.  I usually root for the under-dog.

37.  I usually am the under-dog.

38.  When I am the under-dog, I don’t root for myself.

39.  I don’t give up easily when I want something…  I usually only give up when I feel that is the only option.

40.  Mosquito bites make me swell up like a freshly wet sponge.

41.  I am highly allergic to pollen.

42.  I don’t wear perfume or body spray most of the time because it makes my head spin, even if I do smell purty.

43.  My favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd, but if I could have another dog right now, I would either get a Pomeranian or a Great Burnese Mountain Dog.  We actually have a German Shepherd-Australian Shepherd mix.  While he drives me nuts because he’s so skerd, I still love him.

44.  I do well with fish tanks.

45.  I kill plants in a matter of days.

46.  I miss Gram more than anything.

47.  I am in awe every day that this third baby continues to flourish inside my ravaged body.  I am constantly thanking my organs for not giving up, and for continuing to get stronger and repair the years of damage the wheat did.

48.  I think there should be a program for mandatory sterilization based on certain crimes. 

49.  I believe the death penalty isn’t used enough.

50.  I don’t believe in Heaven, but I sure do fear Hell.

51.  I don’t help those who don’t help themselves.

52.  I think I will always be unhappy with my body.

53.  If I could dress like a 50’s housewife every day, I would.  Yes, even including the heels.

54.  I hate bugs.  All of them.

55.  Nae and I finagled our way out of every dissection in Honors Biology.  Every.  Single.  One.

56.  I passed Chemistry because I wouldn’t give up, and neither would my teacher.  I will always remember her for that.

57.  My favorite books are my favorite because the people in them don’t do what we think they will.

58.  The author I have read the most is Stephen King, and now, the authors of all the “birth is normal” type books.

59.  I will never stop believing in drug-free childbirth.

60.  I will never give up on my children.

61.  I have a weakness for pretty ball gowns.  I don’t dress up much and I am certainly not a girly-girl, but if you offer to buy one of those dresses for me, I will never turn you down.

62.  My favorite card game is Solitaire.

63.  I love Monopoly.

64.  I love playing Halo because it helps me relax.

65.  I want to adopt because I think adoption is an awesome opportunity to enrich a family as a whole, as well as each of the family members individually.

66.  I love cranberry juice.  That comes in handy with my kidney issues.

67.  Taco Bell is my number one fast food weakness since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  What I wouldn’t do fo Nachos Bell Grande!

68.  I don’t like hamburgers from Wendy’s.

69.  Even if you could prove it was dog food-quality meat, I would still eat at Taco Bell.

70.  I believe in spanking, but not when you leave a mark.

71.  I can drive a stick shift.

72.  I have only been puking-sick because of alcohol twice.  That’s enough for me. 

73.  I firmly believe 7-11 needs to bring back the frozen coffee drinks.  Furthermore, if they brought back aforementioned drinks, Starbucks could kiss my…  face.

74.  My son calls himself Mega because that’s how I refer to him.  He calls his brother by his nickname for the same reason.

75.  Mega would rather sit in my lap and read a book than watch television.  I would rather have Mega in my lap than watching television.

76.  The only seafood I will eat is shrimp.  Everything else I am too afraid to try because of allergies.

77.  I think Elijah Wood is one of the finest men to ever grace the face of the Earth.

78.  DH is THE finest men.

79.  My boys are pretty handsome, too.  When they grow up, they will also rank among the finest men to ever grace the face of the earth.

80.  I want to teach my boys how to cook for themselves, not just to impress the ladies.

81.  If you are acting like a troglodyte, I will probably call you out…  especially if I am drunk.

82.  If you think I don’t like you, you’re wrong.  If I don’t like you, you will know.

83.  I don’t understand people who equate financial gain with happiness.  Sure, an inheritance, a windfall, or an income tax return are nice, but they don’t keep you warm at night, or fill your heart with memories.

84.  I strongly dislike wrestling.

85.  I don’t like to use the word “hate,” even when referring to how much I dislike wrestling.

86.  I say “please” and “thank you” when I ask my children to do something because I believe children should be treated with respect.  I try to remember those words even when I am angry with them for not doing something the first time.  Children truly are worthy of our respect.  They put up with a lot of shit from us, too.

87.  I am guilty of dressing the boys in the same clothes.  And they’re not twins.

88.  Patience is a virtue I don’t have unless there is birth involved.

89.  I love sales, clearance, coupons, and just about anything to do with saving money.

90.  It is hard for me to spend money on myself.  Those $50.00 shoes…  I cried when I bought them and put them back 4-5 times before I stumbled to the register.  I know they cost the same amount as a can of formula, and diapers for both boys.

91.  I am always grateful for the opportunity to be a doula and help other women get their families off to a great start.

92.  I wouldn’t mind being financially comfortable, but I don’t think I ever want to be filthy rich.

93.  I am a light sleeper.

94.  I abhor talk radio.

95.  I tend to be fiscally republican,and socially democratic, and wind up voting republican in the hopes that people’s better natures will lead them to make the right social decisions despite who is in office…  But people can never be trusted with money.  LOL

96.  I love music…  It’s rad.

97.  I whole-heartedly support our troops.

98.  I hate when people make light of DH being a Coastie.  If war were ever to come to us, who do you think our first line of defense is?  Who do you think keeps kilos upon kilos of drugs from reaching our shores?  COASTIES ROCK!

99.  Mega and T-Rex both have their Momma’s bad temper.  It’s scary.

100.  I love my babies more than anything in the world…  put together…  times infinity.  I love them so much it hurts!