Around 1:30 this morning, I was lying in bed watching the X-Files.  I had fallen asleep on the last 20 minutes of an episode, so I was trying to find my place and watch the last tidbit.  I was already drowsy, but knew I could stay awake from another 20 minutes or so.  Just as I got to the place I last remembered, there was a huge explosion and then things went dark…


            Have I ever told you that I have an intense fear of the dark?  Now, I know it’s silly.  Believe me, I know.  However, know it is silly doesn’t help to allay my fear in any way.

          I went completely rigid and sat there for what felt like an eternity, but was no more than 10 minutes.  I finally swung my feet over the edge of the bed and crept downstairs to find a flashlight.  When I got into the kitchen, I had the bright idea to turn the burners on.  They are gas, so the flame gives off a considerable amount of light.  I found a flashlight, grabbed the aim-n-flame, and ran upstairs.  That was when I started to wonder why the tremendous thunder of the exploding transformer had not awoken my slumbering sweeties.  I got back into my room and fumbled through a box to find some candles.  I lit 3 tea lites and one larger jar-style candle.  I sat in my bed to play Sudoku, knowing I wasn’t going to fall asleep any time soon.

          After 2 rounds, Skeeter stirred.  I went to snuggle him, but that did nothing to comfort him.  He had already done a considerable amount of crying that day.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to comfort him, and so, he cried most of the day.  We snuggled and played quietly for about an hour and then Mega got up.  Mind you, it was only 4 AM at this point, and the power was still out.  The boys found the candle flame very fascinating, so that occupied them pretty well.  By about 7 this morning, I gave up trying to get them back to sleep.  I didn’t sleep at all last night and tonight, we’re going out for a ball game with another couple, so there is no hope of getting to bed early.  *sigh*

          This weekend is Skeeter’s first birthday party and I have sooo much to do to get ready for it.  For one thing, we’ve got to get the dryer out of the middle of the kitchen.  Did I mention that it went on the fritz right before our little vay-cay?  Well, it did.  We had to order a part, so it’s been sitting in the middle of the kitchen, as opposed to being in its tidy little nook.  It’s blocking the dishwasher door from opening, and just driving me crazy.  On top of that, I have to pick up his balloons and cake that morning, clean the house for it to be destroyed all over again, do some laundry after the dryer is back to ship-shape, and find some time to sleep and play with the boys.  Oy.

          The next time the power goes out for 8 hours, I really hope we all sleep through it.  On top of the loud noise that woke us all up, it got very warm, very quickly after about 6 this morning.  I think that also contributed to the boys being cranky.  It was bad enough just knowing I was cranky!