Apparently, I like pie and cake and pudding and cookies and ice cream and Fourbucks a bit too much.  My level of physical activity has not been this high since before I had Mega, and yet, somehow, I have managed to gain back almost every pound that I lost.

          I went from 160 with Skeeter to 135-140, being a size the-number-doesn’t-matter.  I am back up to 150 and still the same the-number-doesn’t-matter-size.  What gives?  While I know muscle weighs more than fat and that my increased activity level may have led to the conversion from fat to muscle in some tissue, I also know I look about 4 months pregnant again.  Obviously, that’s not muscle mass.

          I am really upset about gaining the weight back.  I bought new clothes in the-number-doesn’t-matter size because I was okay with the-number-doesn’t-matter.  Really, I was.  I thought I looked pretty damn fabulous considering my weight had gone from 110-115 to 150, 150 to 125, 125 to 160, and from 160 to 135 inside of 3 years.  That’s a lot of shifting on a 5’3" frame…

          But now, here I am at almost 150 pounds again, and I am about to fall apart.  There’s no baby to hold accountable for the weight gain this time.  The only thing I can think of is hormones, which are completely out of whack.  I actually called to make another appointment today because things are so off kilter.  If I don’t have a thyroid problem, or something else isn’t throwing my weight off balance, I don’t know what the hell to do.  I guess I will just have to give up the p’ah.  Damn it.  Dammit all!