The light therapy seems to be doing WONDERS for me.  I mean absolute freaking wonders.  While I am still very much affected by my bi-polar symptoms, I must say that this is the best I have felt since The Great Betrayal about a year ago.  At some point very soon, I am going to get a bike and one of those nifty trailers for the babes.  DH’s bike was stolen a while back, but he got another bike from his brother.  I think riding around a bit would actually be something I would do, and it’s not like bicycles are terribly expensive, you know?

          So yeah…  While I still have violent and unpredictable mood swings, they are a bit further apart, less severe, and at least in my mind, usually provoked.  I don’t know if other people would agree with that statement, but I know it’s not hurting and I know that at least I feel better.

          I bought myself a little windchime and it makes me smile just to hear it jingle and to see it.  I have to go outside to see it, and with that usually comes the Mega and the Skeet blowing bubbles, so that doesn’t hurt the whole "smiling" thing, either.  Woo-hoo!!!  I’m actually enjoying things for real, and not just on some weirdo bio-chemical high.  It’s nice.