Elizabeth Edwards asks Ann Coulter to refrain from personal attacks

          Maybe I am missing some key context notes, but Ann Coulter said, "If I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."  What makes me the most uncomfortable is that in the picture used for the article, Coulter is wearing a cross around her neck.  Doesn’t that usually indicate a Christian belief system?  While I am not proclaiming anyone is a perfect Christian, myself being one of the furthest from the ideal Christian, do you really think wishing death on a political opponent is setting a good example?  Since when is wishing death on an opponent a Christian ideal? 

          I believe Ms. Coulter’s comments to be out of line not only with Christian practice and thinking, but in general.  She also commented on Mrs. Edwards’ phone call rather than the call coming from Mr. Edwards.  Who cares?  If I feel someone is attacking my husband, I would defend him in whatever way I saw fit, too!  I wouldn’t marry someone I don’t have enough faith in to defend! 

          Tsk, tsk Ms. Coulter.  Way out of line.