The super fantabulous Shan from Charming Bitch tagged me with the most stellar meme about charities.

The rules are simple, copy the list of charities and links (grab it from whomever tags you) and add your 5 favorite charities or non-profit organizations to the end (link to their sites with anchor text of the causes they champion). Of course finish things off by tagging 5 other webmasters/bloggers and then publishing the post or the webpage.

  1. The Farm – Ina May’s midwifery center.  For over 35 years, The Farm Midwifery Center has provided a very special service for mothers, babies and their families. Women are treated with love and respect, empowering them to fulfill their desire for natural childbirth in a sane and safe home setting.   The holistic approach provided by The Farm Midwives addresses not only physical but also emotional, spiritual, sexual and cultural aspects of each individual. We believe that childbearing is a significant event for every family and that every mother has the right to a safe and satisfying experience.  The Farm also has many other eco-friendly initiatives and provides services around the world.
  2. Operation Special Delivery – Providing doulas free of charge to women who are in the military or are a military spouse.  Once I get more experience and have started to get a good client base, I plan to volunteer for at least 3 births per year myself!
  3. Locks of Love – Cutting off more than 10 inches of hair?  Donate it to Locks of Love and they will make a hairpiece for a child who has lost their own hair due to a medical condition.  After having donated several times, I can tell you I plan to keep doing it.  What better way to use something you were just going to sweep into the trash than to help a child?
  4. The United Methodist Children’s Home – They provide redemptive, healing services that bring meaningful change to the lives of children and families.  They assist in adoptions (in some cases), foster care, and other family services.
  5. African AIDS Orphans – Again, even though I don’t necessarily follow the religious guidelines, the practices of helping children is always a good thing.  "Our aims are simple and straight from the heart: to give African orphans and street kids a home; to create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for these children; to give them a healthy diet and a good education; to release them back into the community as healthy, educated and well-adjusted adults so they can play their part in the future of their own nation.

The original list, along with Shannon’s additions:

  1. LDS Humanitarian Services – donate to charity
  2. American Red Cross – emergency response
  3. Wasatch Homeless Health Care Incorporated/4th Street Clinic – health care for the homeless
  4. Newborns in Need – knitting for preemies
  5. Habitat for Humanity
  6. American Red Cross – disaster relief
  7. Raleigh Rescue Mission – homeless raleigh
  8. SOS Children’s Villages – sponsor a child
  9. Samaritan’s Purse – emergency relief programs
  10. St. Jude Children’s Hospital – cancer research
  11. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – children with AIDS
  12. Make a Wish Foundation – grant a child’s wish
  13. Save the Children – children in poverty
  14. Ronald McDonald House – helping sick children and families
  15. Toys for Tots – toys for all kids
  16. Bosom Buddies – Help for mothers in South Africa
  17. Modest Needs – Disaster relief-type assistance
  18. Autism Speaks – Autism awareness and education
  19. Your Local Food Pantry
  20. Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter

And TAG, YOU’RE IT! Get your giving on with your lists, people!

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