"Aren’t you moving this weekend?"


          "So shouldn’t you like…  pack?"

          *snicker*  "I know.  We don’t have boxes and it’s too overwhelming for me."

          "I’ll come help you when I get off work."


           So…  You see how this is going?  Yeah, it’s NOT.  I guess I missed the memo that taught everyone how to move.  Heh.  We’re going to sign our new lease Friday morning at 9:30.  From there, DH will drop me by the house we’re currently living in, and then take the kids to the sitter’s house.  Meanwhile, I hope to have moved most of the childrens’ things into their new respective rooms.  They don’t have much, so I shouldn’t have to struggle too much to get it done.  Besides, I am more of a brute than I let on – I can carry the crib and dressers, no problem.  Rippling biceps galore.  HA!

          And don’t tell DH, but tomorrow we’re celebrating Father’s Day with him – we even got him a talking card.  *chortle*  It says, "For years, children have pondered the reason why…"  And then when you open it, Darth Vader is standing there, and he says, all in his James Earl Jones super stellar voice, "I…  Am Your Father."  Hee hee.  We got him the Lethal Weapon quadrilogy and we’re taking him to dinner and probably getting him a fishing tour.  Shh…  Don’t tell.