I am sooo not looking forward to moving.

          Right now we’re in the process of transferring utilities and services, as well as minimizing the things that need to be packed.  Some things are easy – you can throw all the toys in the appropriate toy boxes and throw the toy box in the van.  Other things have to be done ery carefully or with organization so you don’t spend 3 weeks trying to find the remote for the television because it was thrown in with the toaster and blender.  Or maybe that’s just me because I know it will take me more than a week to un-pack everything and I want to unpack the essentials, like the remote, but not the blender and toaster, right away.  HA!

          Friday is the day we get the new keys.  My goal is to have the kitchen and bedrooms done by Friday evening.  Shouldn’t be too much to ask for, just physically demanding.  More than anything, I am not looking forward to taking a bunch of stuff apart only to haul ass to the new house and put it right back together.  *sigh*  I did decide, however, that the boys should spend the day with the sitter Friday.  So yeah, one less thing.