Yesterday we went out with friends to play and have lunch.  Our service wasn’t great at the restaurant, but the food was pretty good.  After that we went to Fourbuck’s and on to the indoor play area.  After a while, we decided fresh diapers were in order for the boys.  After some fighting, I convinced Mega to hit up the restrooms.  I went to change him and he was DRY – it had been at least 3 hours!  When I congratulated him on his dry diaper, he did this little shimmy and said, "Mommy, I’a go potty now?"  He sat down and let loose the Falls.  I made sure he was done and then we did a victory dance and washed our hands.  He got to wear his Bob the Builder pull-ups home and we were all very proud.

         Mega has never gone potty in public.  He says the toilets are "too big Mumma," and "It’s goes."  (Gross)  The fact that he stayed dry and then went in public is like a double whammy.  I am sooo hoping we can have him potty trained by the end of the Summer.  He may not be completely ready (he forgets to tell me in the morning quite often, despite frequent asking), but I think he’s well on his way.

          Woo-hoo for potty training!