I was so happy when I discovered how to use the Technorati tags.  I thought it would not only increase my traffic, but give my website more functionality.  While all that was great, it did bring one very anger-inducing side effect.  Every now and then I go through my site stats to see how people find me – do they see me commenting on other sites, do they know me through doula work – how did you find me?  When I was looking through the other day, I had a very startling realization.  My number one site hit comes from my Pedophilia Made Easy! post in which I gave the link to a very prominent web-site promoting "GirlLove."  The search terms that call that page forth are not at all about eliminating pedophilia, but people searching for pedophile websites and safe havens!  Because these people do not comment, I cannot ban their IP addresses or take any action to keep them off my site, or report their search.  I get at least 2 hits per day for that post, and the average is probably closer to 5-6 hits per day.  Sundays seem to be a slow day.  Nice to know that even pedophiles have a day of rest, no?

          I hope that when those perverts see that post, they know to stay away from my site.  While I would never post any pictures for them to "enjoy," it still makes my skin crawl to know that their lascivious eyes have roamed over my babies.  Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation.  It is a perversion.  Stay the hell away from children until they are 18 and can truly decide for themselves wether or not to engage in a serious relationship and can understand the consequences of that decision!