I truly hope that that is not what I fear it is.  I hope that it was a mistake, or that it was something completely unrelated.  I know you don’t agree with me.  Fine.  However, what you think may be detrimental has yet to be proven.  I don’t agree with many of your methods, but I keep my mouth shut, so why can’t you do the same? 

          It’s hard to trust people and feel safe with them when you’re constantly worried about the way they are reading into things, or interpreting things for themselves.  A harmless gesture is suddenly a reason for action.  A bad day turns into a cause to start a crusade.  It’s not okay.  It’s just not. 

          This can’t happen.  I won’t let it.  I don’t care what it takes.  I will defend myself, even if you think I have nothing to defend myself from.  I see your action as an attack, and therefore, self defense is necessary.  It wouldn’t be an attack if you were straight-forward.  Coming from behind, without warning, and through a 3rd party sure as hell sounds offensive to me…  You know…  Like an attack.

          So let’s hope I am wrong.  Let’s hope I am reading into it too much, or that it really was a mistake on someone’s part.