I agree with the laws that would ban smoking indoors.  Just because someone chooses to smoke, doesn’t mean I choose to smoke.  Second-hand smoke can be just a harmful as smoking the cigarette yourself.  Smoking and non-smoking sections are just a joke.  Unless you have seperate ventilations systems, the smoke-less and the smoke-filled air all mix together and get blown back out without discretion. 

          While you can also say, "Just because you choose not to smoke doesn’t mean I should have to stop."  True.  Except that my decision isn’t a danger to YOUR health.  My decision isn’t also making a decision for my defenseless child who wants to eat at a restaurant.

          I have nothing personally against smokers.  If that is how you choose to spend your money, fine.  If you choose to blacken your lungs, risk throat, mouth, and tongue cancer, fine.  But my risks for those things shouldn’t increase because I want to take my family out to eat, or enjoy a night out with my girls.

          Smoking is a personal choice, along with a personal freedom.  My decision not to smoke is also a personal choice and a personal freedom.