Today was my best friend’s Memorial Day cook-out.  Normally these things are huge, but upon arriving, we did a head-count and were surprised at how few people were planning to show up.  No biggie.  More food for us and less mess!  A few phone calls were made to see if some "maybes" were or were not coming…  And that’s when the Drama Elephant entered the room.

          I am not a person who likes to be friends with people that my friends are not comfortable with.  However, there are always exceptions.  In the case of long-standing friendships or other bonds, I won’t be the one to speak up, or make it uncomfortable.  I won’t be outright rude to that person, but I won’t go out of my walk to talk to them.  It’s not that hard, really.  You’re polite, but not friendly.  Simple enough…

          Apparently not.

          I am rapidly tiring of being the evil one.  It really pisses me off and even more so, hurts a whole helluva lot that someone would say, "I don’t even want my kids around her."  I admit I am no saint by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I have never harmed a child, neglected a child, or even spoken ill of a child’s loved one in front of them.  You don’t like me, fine.  That’s your choice.  When you make others around you try to feel like they have to be bad people because they are around me, that’s a different story.  It’s also odd that you were okay when you thought it was just going to be my husband and my children.  My husband is with me day in and day out.  Don’t you think my evil ways may have corrupted him and now he’s just as bad?  How dare you turn something so innocent and mundane as a cook-out into something that had to "handled."

          Apparently I am an evil bitch and I must be destroyed.  And the people that still tolerate me are evil when I am around, but perfectly okay when I’m not. 

          What.  The.  Fuck.  Ever.

          I’m not going to keep being someone’s scapegoat.  If you’re uncomfortable, fine.  Don’t make it someone else’s problem.  Be a big (person) and deal with it like an adult.  Stop trying to make people pick sides.

          Really…  Really…  Really Pissed…  And I thought I wasn’t.  But I am.  Mostly because of the whole, "I don’t even want my kids around her," thing because I was always there for birthdays and get-togethers…  We won’t go into it further because it will just stir the Drama Stew, but this is my damn blog and it’s there for my sole benefit, so fuck it.  As much as I want to stir the damn pot – and not even to create more drama, but honestly, to vent my feelings, I won’t.  Because someone has to be the adult in the situation…  and I wanted to continue that statement too, but I won’t for the above reason…

          As much as you love someone, sometimes you just can’t be friends.  That doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole.

          I am going to quit now before my fingers run away in anger….

          What.  The.  Fuck.  Ever.