Teacher Found Making Out With Student

I commented and "HUH?!" responded…  Then "Violet" jumped in.  What do you think?

          Talk to a child who has been molested or assaulted and they will tell you the age of consent is 18 for a damn good reason.  It appears "Huh" and "Violet" have the good fortune not to personally know someone who has been taken advantage of, or who has never made a serious sexual mistake. 

          Whether or not the general population CHOOSES to acknowledge that incest, molestation, and sexual assault occur every day within families, day care centers, and among other trust-based relationships is not the point. It’s very disheartening to see that so many people seem to have such a jaded perspective on relationships. In this house, our children will be raised with a healthy respect of sex, its consequences, and the magnitude that a sexual relationship carries. It’s not just something you do. "Casual" sex can result in far "worse" things than unplanned babies.

I maintain my initial response.  There is a reason there is a legally protected age of consent.  Even if a 15 year old girl is chasing a 35 year old man, that doesn’t mean it is okay for the man to have sex with her.  "Lolita" was another great example – even if you think you want to have that "romantic" sexual relationship, at 15, 16, 17, you may not feel the same way in a few years…

None of Huh’s or Violet’s arguments change the fact that the teacher in this article, Gross, is in the wrong. As far as the movie, Cate Blanchett’s character was also in the wrong. Period. Rape is rape. Sexual contact with a minor is sexual contact with a minor. There are no "okay" grey areas. Nor should there be. "It’s okay for my 16 year old son to sleep with his teacher because it’s pleasing his sex drive." I don’t think so.  It’s funny that websites like Puellula can generate so much hatred and get people up in arms about "child love," but you think it’s okay for a 16 year old to sleep with a 30 year old.  I’m sorry.  I must have missed the difference.

It’s no wonder more adolescents never bring their own rapes or molestations to light. Why would they when this is the general attitude waiting for them? "You were 16, so it’s not an issue." No wonder this is happening so prevalently… Whether you choose to see it or not, and whether you think it’s a problem or not, it is for that CHILD.

It’s great that you’re making the issue whether or not 16 is "old enough," rather than wondering why these grown women don’t try dating men their own age or who are at least over the age of 18. Regardless of what you deem to be an appropriate age to engage in sexual relationships, the law is 18. Regardless of the age teenagers choose to have sex for the first time, the law is 18. There is a difference between two 16 year olds being dumb and having sex together. They’re both, more or less, in the same mind-set. A 30 year old has a lot more going on up-stairs than a 16 year old. It’s not about stupidity, it’s about maturity and fully understanding your actions, knowing you will have to live with them for the rest of your life.

I checked several sources and the average age a US teen loses his/her virginity is 17.  It makes me wonder, with the attitudes our culture has about sex, how many teens surveyed lied because they thought they should, or because they would be the only ones were still "not getting any".  The majority of my friends remained virgins until after high school.  I didn’t hang out with goody-goodies.  I just hung out with people who didn’t think it was something "to do."  My friends didn’t care that "everyone else was doing it."  It’s sad to think that more people don’t think and feel that way, that casual sex seems to be more and more socially acceptable.  Should it always be a grave undertaking?  No.  Should a 16 year old be sleeping with a teacher, or the football team, or their boss at Wal-Mart?  No. 

  My Thoughts Exactly

              This isn’t going to turn into another "Amistad," so I am done.  I’m anxious to hear from those of you that normally comment.  I wonder if I am just overboard, in the minority, etc.  So post quickly dammit! 


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