We’re going without you!

A legally blind child was left on the side of the highway as a punishment.

          I must admit that this was a BMGM moment for me.  I even snickered a bit, but only because I could see where the inclination comes from.  On the other hand, when you have a child who cannot see the oncoming traffic, you’re asking for abuse charges.  Well hell, when you leave your child anywhere other than in front of a neighbor’s house, and then call said neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on your child while you drive around the block, you’re asking for abuse charges.  I could see that – the leaving your kid in front of a neighbor’s house and driving around the block.  Make your kid think you’re really going to leave them if they don’t knock it off, all the while, your neighbor is watching them, and you’re around the block…  I’ll probably catch hell for that, but I could see it.  Would I do it?  Probably not…

          If the kid was really that bad, go home.  Turn the radio up, roll the windows down, do whatever you have to do to get somewhere safe.  A highway roadside is hardly a safe environment to leave your child in while you go calm your nerves.  Have I ever wanted to drop Mega off somewhere?  Sure.  Would I ever?  Hell no.  The closest I might come is pulling over and getting out by myself for a few minutes.  I would also shut off the engine, grab my keys, and make sure I wasn’t interfering with traffic.  Is that a lot to think about when you feel like you are about to snap?  Sure.

          But isn’t losing your kid and/or jail time even more to think about?

          "Heeeeere’s your sign."