Toddler Death Involved a Mouth Taped Shut

          Chiles is accused of taping a child’s mouth shut and binding his hands with masking tape to keep him quiet during nap time.

          A grandmother of children who attended Chiles’s in-home day care defended her and said that this was some sort of false accusation.  Barring some finding for cause of death to be something other than spontaneous aneurysm, I say, "Off with her head!"  Chiles said she left the child unattended for a few moments and came back to find him unresponsive.  She called for an ambulance and tried to perform CPR, but the toddler died after being on life support.

          This woman was under investigation…  Were the parents notified?  While I know we live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty and the authorities were probably thinking she would lose all her clients if there were informed about the investigation, as a parent, I would want to know.  I want to help prove your innocence!  Think about it!  Would I want to know my child has been in the care of someone neglectful or abusive?  I want to prove that I made a good choice when I placed my child in your care!  Would I yank my child out of your center the day I was informed of the investigation?  Probably not.  Would I re-think some thinks that maybe made me feel uncomfortable or that were questionable?  Sure.  Would I try to listen to my child more and see how they feel about you?  (I would have tried to do that from day 1, but you know what I mean.)  OF COURSE.

          Then again, this woman was under investigation…  How was it that she was able to keep that many children in her home at one time without some sort of help?  The law in my state is that any more than 5 children and there must be another adult…  How did she get 8 children all under the age of 7?

          There are a lot of things wrong with this picture.  I hope that whatever happens to this woman either clears the air, or that she sees justice swiftly and without mercy. 

          What do you think should happen to this woman?