Tonight is the season finale of Desperate Housewives.   



I am hosting this evening and I am making a helluva meal!  Cheese-stuffed chicken (with multiple cheeses and a yummy sauce), shrimp cocktail, and home-made carrot cake – and I didn’t even cheat and buy canned frosting!  I am making the frosting from scratch, too.  🙂

          Next season I will not be joining in the festivities due to rising fuel costs and the fact that I missed a few sessions this year due to family obligations and even a flat tire.  We made a "rule" this season that if you miss 2 of 3 meetings, you don’t host.  So, when I can, and when it’s cool with the hostess, I will drop in every now and then, but I won’t be a regular participant.  I will miss it, but it’s making a nice dent in our fuel budget and for now, it’s an expense I feel I need to cut.

           Ladies…  It has been an honest pleasure and I hope I can jump back in soon!

          Happy Finale Night!