$5 Million for 18 years wrongfully served

         James C. Tillman was awarded $5 million dollars by the state of Connecticut after serving 18 years for alleged rape.

          Tillman appeared humble and without bitterness and lawmakes said it was least they could do.

         On one hand, that’s super.  The people approving the bill to award the funds said they thought the money would help him live the rest of his life in relative comfort.  I agree that monetary compensation is nice.

        But I have to wonder…  What makes Tillman’s 18 years more financially valuable than Halsey’s 22 years?  How much money should you get for each year?  Does that amount vary based on your experiences while in prison?  Should you get more money if you were a model prisoner, versus being locked in solitary half the time?

          Don’t get me wrong.  It is a shame that these men were punished for crimes that they did not commit.  They deserve some sort of "compensation."  But as soon as I say that word, "compensation," it feels like a joke.  Again, how do you give back a life that was taken – and without just cause?  And if you believe that money is even a small step in making amends, how do you figure out what each person deserves? 

          I guess I am just wondering why Tillman gets $5 million dollars and Halsey gets $550,000.00…  Well, he can "apply" for that money, whereas Tillman was awarded that amount…

          How much would you give per year spent in prison?  Would that amount vary based on behavior, etc.?