What an exciting day…

          Or not.

          I went to Blockbuster to trade some movies and we rented Talledega Nights.  That should give us something to entertain ourselves with tonight after the babes are in bed.  This Blockbuster Total Access thing is pretty neat.  $16.00 for more movies than I can watch in a month ain’t bad. 

          I tried to go to the post office to get some $.02 stamps and the vending machines are still in the process of being up-dated.  I was not about to wait in a line longer than the Great Wall of China, so we’ll try again tomorrow when I mail out a few things that I just sold on E-Bay.

          Speaking of E-Bay…  I need to get on the ball and get rid of the clothes the boys have outgrown.  They’ve been washed and seperated from the clothes that still fit, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to take pictures and get them listed.  It sort of affirms that the boys are growing up, you know?  It makes it more real when the clothes aren’t sitting in plain sight any more…  After getting rid of that box of toys, it made me see just how far they have come – and Skeeter hasn’t even hit his first birthday!  Sometimes I miss the first few months and other times I can’t wait for them to hit school age. 

          While we’re on the subject of "milestones," sort of, I’ll tell you something nifty.  When we were out at Casa de Momma Dukes, we went fishing.  My mom and I went out first and then DH and Mega came down to join us.  Mega caught his very first fish this weekend.  It was a small mouth bass about 6 inches long.  It was pretty stellar and Mega was pretty excited.  I look forward to thr trips he will take with his dad and his brother…  Packing their lunches, and lathering them up in sun screen as they venture out for the day…  *sigh*

          We’re off to another MOMS function tonight.  It’s a family dinner, so it should be…  interesting with all the other families and kids there.