Don’t even bother if you don’t want to hear me "whine and complain."  You’ve been warned.

Tomorrow we will be out of town, spending time with family.  I have invited a friend and her son along with us.  For one, I don’t like driving alone, especially when I am not terribly familiar with my surroundings.  Having only made this trip once, it’s still a bit unfamiliar to me.  For another, there was no sense in her being alone for Mother’s Day and you can never be alone when my family is around – there are about 1.2 million of us.  And that’s just the ones who live nearby.  I knew DH wouldn’t be there because he is doing his own thing with his brother.  I’m okay with that.  It’s his first Mother’s Day since his mother has passed.  It’s probably a good idea that he’s doing what he’s doing.  So again, I am okay with that. 

          But then he ditches me today, too.  So knowing he wouldn’t be with me tomorrow, he skips out to do his own thing today, too.  In the process, he also "forgot" that I had a client meeting this evening.  Had I not said something this morning, he would not have been back in time to watch the boys.  But you can bet that he remembered all week about fishing…  And also, I am the only mom who doesn’t feel like she can handle taking 2 children under 3 to the beach alone.  I guess it’s just one more thing I suck at.  So, we’re sitting out on a birthday party, too.  Because, again, Mommy sucks and can’t take 2 babes to the beach without help.  My thinking is that I can’t leave Skeeter in the sand while I play in the water with Mega.  And I just don’t feel safe having them both in the water.  Not to mention that the water is still too cold to play in (more than likely, especially if you’re me and Skeeter – we don’t like agua fria), so Mega will get bored to tears in about 30 minutes.  Again, I can’t put Skeeter in the sand, so he’d be a constant in my arms, leaving me little to do with Mega Man…  But apparently, I just suck and should be able to handle this sort of thing.  *sigh*

            I am feeling really crappy right now.  A bit irritated and hurt, as well.  I feel…  ditched.  It feels like this "holiday," this whole "Mother’s Day" thing is no big deal and I shouldn’t have expected anything.  Not that I was hoping to be spoiled all weekend, or anything lavish and extravagant, but now I just feel completely minimized.  It would have been nice to have some sort of recognition.  By the time I get home this evening, he will have to leave for his brother’s house for their trip tomorrow, and by the time I get home Sunday, I’ll be ready for bed and so will he – he has to work in the morning and he rarely stays up late on those nights.  When he does, I hear about it and how generous it was for him to stay up and keep me company.  After driving for 6 hours Sunday, I get to drop everybody off at the house and then drive another 1/2 hour for DH night…  And then at 10:15, turn around and come home – another 1/2 hour drive.  So 7 hours in the car, arriving home around 10:45 PM…  So yeah…  I’m not in the best mood right now…  To say the least.

                           Bitch Fest officially concluded.